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Specialist Grief, Loss & Bereavement Counselling

Navigating Grief

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss.  Everyone's experience of grief and loss is unique.  Loss needs to be acknowledged in order for us to adapt and move forward in life, gently and with compassion


I can you help to:

  • Discover strategies for coping with symptoms of grief and loss.

  • Gain support to accept the reality of the loss and understand its significance.

  • To work through a myriad of feelings and thoughts such as sadness, confusion or guilt.

  • Discover how to re-adjust to your new life with all its changes.

  • Resolve areas of conflict still remaining as you are dealing with grief.


There are many different types of loss I can help you with, which may include:

  • Death of someone significant in your life

  • End of relationship

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Personal injury

  • Chronic & terminal Illness

  • Life transitions

  • Pet bereavement

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